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    The Agenda Edit

    Supplement Spotlight

    Supplement Spotlight

    We put The Beauty Agenda spotlight on Inner Beauty.

    Selfcare has evolved and now industry thought-leaders tell us true beauty starts from the gut - think beauty from the inside out.  We’re all accustomed to taking vitamins to provide additional nutrients to supplement our diet, so why not for our skin and hair? Topical treatments will always be key but can only do so much, so the focus turns to the inside.

    We are not just seeing attention around supplements, it’s more like a huge leap in interest as they increasingly feature prominently on beauty lovers’ latest ‘must haves’. Supplements are by no means new but have clearly taken a sharp shift - no longer a niche for the Gwyneth Palthrows of this world, now sought after by the wellness masses.

    Naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Nigma Talib knows all too well the synergy between digestive health and premature ageing.  Her supplements target skin concerns commonly caused by our diet as well as working to maintain a healthy and happy body.  With over 15 years of experience, Dr Nigma is responsible for the radiant glow of some of Hollywood’s most famous faces.

    “Internal wellness shows up on your face” – Dr Nigma Talib

     Dr Nigma Talib Healthy Flora


    Healthy Flora Capsues

    ‘Healthy Flora’ supplements are packed with a researched blend of probiotics to improve digestion and overall gut health.

    Each capsule contains grape seed extract, an antioxidant which works to revitalise your system from the inside out, helps to prevent UVB skin damage and naturally reduces ageing. Also contains enzymes that break down fats and proteins together with B-Complex vitamins to help you stay energised.

     Dr Nigma Talib imortal skin powder

    Immortal Skin Collagen Powder

    Formulated as a powder, ‘Immortal Skin Collagen Powder’ is a vitamin-rich supplement packed with 23 powerful ingredients, including Marine Collagen and Probiotics to help slow down the signs of ageing.  Riboflavin which contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and vitamin B6 to regulate hormonal activity.


     Dr nigma Talib beauty in a bottle

    Beauty in a Bottle

    ‘Beauty in a Bottle’ food supplements contain 20 powerful ingredients to boost your hair, skin and nails.  What’s inside? Vitamin A, C and E to contribute to iron metabolism and collagen formation. Also B vitamins, zinc, selenium and copper help to repair skin’s elasticity.

    Dr nigma talib b famous 

    B Famous

    ‘B Famous’ supplements are packed with high-potency multi-B vitamins that support and contribute to the growth, development and function of cell metabolism to keep skin glowing, as well as maintaining the health of your digestive, immune and nervous systems.

     Dr Nigma talib vitamin d sun


    Vitamin Sun

    These vitamin D capsules are perfect for when the sun alone just won’t do!  The capsules help absorb calcium that contributes to the maintenance of bones and muscles, support the functioning of the immune system and improve the appearance of lacklustre hair, skin and nails.  Also contains vitamin K to help maintain normal blood clotting and done metabolism.

    Colour Insurance

    Colour Insurance

    Colour Insurance

    As hair colour trends and techniques evolve, one thing is for sure, the desire for changing our hair colour is here to stay. Whether a routine root-tint, highlights or full-on dramatic transformation, the demand for hair colour, both at home and in professional salons is as popular as ever.

    In the world of colour, reports show the biggest area of growth in 2018 for technique was balyage. For colour itself, we see silver greys are still very prominent and forecasts for 2019 are showing hues of peach, yellow or ‘smoky pink’ as hot must haves. 

    So, whatever your hair colour preference, let’s make 2019 the year we treat our colour-enhanced tresses to a little luxurious love.  Because, colour devotees beware - without good care, coloured hair can fade or lack shine.  With that in mind, we thought we’d share some of our favourite products to help extend the life and lustre of your colour treated locks.

     aveda color conserve shampoo

    Aveda – Color Conserve Shampoo

    A gentle, plant-infused shampoo that helps to extend the vibrancy of colour-treated hair. Protects colour from damaging effects of sun, water and environment and leaves it feeling silky, soft and shiny

    aveda color conserve conditioner

    Aveda – Color Conserve Conditioner

    A kind, plant-based conditioner that seals hair cuticles helping to lock in shine and keep hair colour vibrant for longer. Protects colour treated hair from damaging effects of sun, water and environment, and detangles too.

    aveda color conserve daily color protect

    Aveda – Color Conserve Daily Color Protect

    A leave-in treatment that works to intensify colour, radiance and seals the cuticle for increased shine. Key ingredients include, larch tree which helps to seal in colour, green tea to help protect from environmental stressors and wintergreen and cinnamon oil to protect from UVA/UVB damage.


    Colour Infusions

    100% Vegan, 0 Sulphates, 0 Silicones and 0 Parabens

    Keeping your colour looking fresh and vibrant in between salon appointments

    infuse my colour platinum shampoo

    Infuse My Colour - Platinum

    Creating beautiful mirror-like effects for your blonde locks. Neutralises yellow and maintains brightness of grey, white, pale blonde and highlighted hair.

    infuse my colour shampoo cobalt


    Infuse My Colour - Cobalt

    Pure Ash subdues warmth and maintains depth of dark blonde, light, medium and dark brown hair. Great for maintaining the coolness in dark ash blondes and browns too.

    infuse my colour shampoo copper


    Infuse My Colour – Copper

    Maintains the beautiful brightness of deep strawberry blonde, copper, auburn and warm brown hair.  Why not try on bleached hair for a gorgeous, peachy effect.











    New Year New Hair

    New Year New Hair

    Happy New Hair

    Bring on the new year! It’s been a long 2018 ending with full on festivities and sheer over-indulgence of mince pies and mulled wine (and then some).  There’s nothing quite like a new year to trigger the desire for change, so let’s press that re-set button and welcome fresh, new beginnings.

    The new year is an ideal excuse for embracing a brave reinvention or perhaps just refresh.  There’s plenty of exciting new looks and trend predictions for 2019, however there’s one reoccurring theme – a healthy shine.

    As we age, over-indulge with styling or even over-do it on the late nights, as with our skin, our hair can become brittle, damaged or simply just dull.  Sadly, something we will all experience at some point, but the good news is that with a little bit of love your locks can return to the glossy mane it once was or you always wanted.

    So here’s some tips to get your new year shine on!



    Good hair maintenance is key for keeping the split ends at bay and your hair looking it’s best.  The ideal frequency for getting your ends cut is best advised on a one-to-one basis, by an expert – your hairdresser.  On average, aim for every six to eight weeks, but it really can depend on your hair type, style or length of your hair.



    A good, quality shampoo and conditioner is the best investment for your hair.  We put our hair through a lot, so a good cleansing, hydrating shampoo that’s not harsh on our scalp combined with a moisturising conditioner is essential. If your hair is feeling a little worse for wear following the festivities and needs a good boost, a good all-rounder loved by our experts and frequently tops The Beauty Agenda favourites list are:

    Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner – ideal for hair that needs that little extra hydration. The thirst quenching formula helps to infuse hair with essential hydration leaving it feeling revitalised and replenished. 



    Everyday styling can be stressful on our locks – blow drying, followed by straighteners or curling tongs, those heated tools may give you the finished, salon look you’re after but can be quite harmful to your hair and with constant use, not conducive with a healthy shine. So before you blast your hair with heat you need to reach for a good protector.  Here’s a couple of favourites loved by The Beauty Agenda team.

    Pureology’s Colour Fanatic Multi Tasking Spray certainly delivers on its ‘multi-tasking’ name.  There’s an impressive list of 21 benefits to be gained from using this everyday essential.  A lightweight mist that’s suitable for all hair types, it primes, protects and perfects.  It can be sprayed on damp hair for easy detangling as well as providing vital protection against heated styling, or spray on dry hair for a spa like refresh.  If that’s not enough, it also guards the hair from the sun and pollution – if you’ve not tried this product yet then where have you been?! 

    Aveda’s Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner instantly conditions, detangles and makes hair feel softer in between washes.  When applied with heat, the 97% naturally derived thermal spray cleverly seals the hair leaving it feeling softer and protected while maintaining natural movement.  Ideal for all hair types, the beautiful, calming Shampure aroma naturally refreshes all hair types and textures.



    Regular colouring, styling, heat, pollution… our hair is exposed to a lot. There’s nothing quite like a good intensive treatment mask to boost your hair keeping it in tip top condition and looking its best.  We don’t all have the time to book into the salon as frequently as we’d like, so here’s some great DIY masks to revive, rescue and revitalise your hair for a weekly at home treat.

    R+Co’s Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask is the ultimate treatment mask if your coloured / chemically processed locks need a bit of a recharge.  A perfect restorative cocktail of butters, oils and extracts that deeply condition and strengthen.  Hair is left feeling soft, well-rested with tons of shine.

    Pureology’s Strength Cure Superfood Vitality Mask is the ideal treat for dry and damaged hair.  The strengthening mask is packed with powerful superfoods and natural ingredients to not only repair your damaged, colour treated hair but also works to protect from future hair breakage.

    Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturising Masque is an intensive mask that deeply moisturises and helps to seal in intense hydration.  Contains Aveda’s patented deep-moisture complex featuring buriti oil that intensely penetrates leaving hair soft, supple and perfectly shiny.



    Whatever your style, hair texture or age, there’s nothing like a glossy, lustrous shine to provide the perfect finish. Here’s a couple of shine secrets to help your hair glisten into the new year.

    R+Co’s Waterfall Moisture & Shine Lotion is a light yet intensely hydrating lotion designed for fine to medium and extra long hair. Leaves your hair beautifully shiny and perfectly manageable – apply to wet hair and blow dry or let your hair dry naturally.  Can also be used on dry hair to moisturise or tame those flyaway ends.

    Aveda’s Brilliant Spray on Shine provides a perfect sheer mist of shine and vitamin E to finished hair styles.  It helps to create a smooth, glossy finish while eliminating flyaways and taming frizz.

    Pureology’s Shine Bright Taming Serum is a non-greasy, lightweight formula infused with natural coriander seed oil to add gloss, control static and flyaways ends and finish with a lustrous shine.




    #Glossy hair









    Combat Dull, Dehydrated Skin

    dry skin

    It’s officially that time of year that plays havoc with our skin.  We’ve crossed over into the grey days with limited daylight, hibernation desires are kicking in and the heating is on and turned up.  The cold weather is here and it’s only going to get worse. 

    The transition in season and heating are not the only thing that can affect our skin at this time, hotter baths/ showers and drinking less water don’t help either.  In the colder months I don’t know about you but I feel less like drinking water.  I’m generally consuming less liquids but if I do want a drink I am drawn to a comforting tea or coffee, not only to help me wake up in the dark mornings, but continuing to console me throughout the day.  It’s annoying but as soon as the temperature drops my water intake plummets too. So less water consumption, cold, aggressive weather and heating can only lead to one thing – dull, dehydrated skin. 

    You may not be aware but dehydrated skin can affect any skin type and present itself in different ways, and not always how you’d expect.  For example, you might experience more spots which sounds crazy but is in fact your skins way of trying to fight off dehydration – it feels dry so produces more oil to retaliate.  However, even though our dehydrated skin may feel dry and tight we’re not depleted of oil, we’re lacking water therefore that extra oil will result in dreaded, unsightly spots (this can happen if you opt for an unnecessarily heavy, over-nourishing cream too).  Dehydrated skin may also feel uncomfortably tight, have a lack lustre appearance or even start to peel. The worst sign for me is increased fine lines – dehydrated skin can appear so ageing and frustratingly my make-up just gradually disappears throughout the day. 

    The good news is that dehydrated skin is not a skin type, it’s a skin condition.  Therefore it can be treated and corrected with a little effort and the right products.

    First things first, a little self-discipline is needed to get back on board with drinking water to maintain hydration throughout the day, the recommended amounts we all know is around 2 litres per day.  Easier said than done but for me it’s all about routine and making this a healthy habit.  I have a water bottle marked with the times of day, it sounds really basic but does actually help me to check where I am – it’s always good to have a target to work towards and keeps me on track.

    Next, it’s certainly a good time to switch around your skincare. The best approach for dehydrated skin together with drinking more water, is to use hydrating lotions and hyaluronic acid is a good ingredient to look out for too as it’s great at holding many times its weight in water.  Don’t be tempted to use really heavy creams (remember, it’s water you’re lacking, not oil) and don’t over-do it on the exfoliation! It may be tempting with a dull or peeling skin but exfoliating too often can aggravate skin and cause unnecessary sensitivity. 

    Below are some beneficial products to add onto your Beauty Agenda to combat dehydrated skin. Interestingly, two of the three products are not only naturally derived but are also both really well known for their hair care products.  I feel at times I overlook skincare products when I know a range for hair, however the two below are most definitely not for overlooking and worth a try.  The third product is a little more on the luxury side, however if you can stretch your budget, Dr Nigma’s Serum No 1 really is worth the investment.

     aveda botanical kinetics hydration lotion

    Aveda – Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion

    This is a great tonic to revive dull, dehydrated skin.  A hydration booster that helps to quench thirsty skin and prepare it for the next layer of product application – it’s a great prelude to your serum or moisturiser.  It’s a refreshing lotion so super quick to absorb and ideal for any skin type needing enhanced hydration without feeling overloaded.  To use, press into the skin morning and evening (after cleansing and toning) before your serum or moisturiser.


     dr nigma talib hydrating and plumping serum no 1


    Dr Nigma – Serum No 1

    This luxurious serum loved by the celebrity circuit is designed to deeply hydrate and plump your complexion.  It contains hyaluronic acid which is a real plus at any time but particularly a bonus for dehydrated skin.  A light-weight fluid that feels like it’s feeding much needed nutrients and water directly into the skin.  It’s easily absorbed providing a boost not only to hydration levels but also enhancing texture and smoothing appearance.  I loved it.

    Ps. In case you’re wondering - a little really does go a long way.

     oway awakening face moisturizer

    Oway – Awakening Face Moisturizer

    If you’ve never heard of Oway (Organic Way) this is a great product to start with. Their products are beautiful - all stylishly presented with natural, kind and organic Italian ingredients.

    When reading up ahead of using this product, I was promised that the Awakening Face Moisturizer will benefit my skin with immediate and long lasting hydration thanks to 3D sugars that gradually release hydration.  I was a little sceptical but to be fair I did feel like the product was instantly hydrating and my skin was most definitely grateful!  What I also like about this moisturiser is that it not only helps to combat dehydration but also importantly protects from temperature changes and pollution.

    Added bonus I have to mention is that this cream really does feel like it awakens and illuminates the complexion – just in time for the fast approaching party season!