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Hayo’u was founded by acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and best-selling author Katie Brindle. Katie always dreamt of becoming an opera singer, but a serious car crash spun her life in a different direction. Katie lost her singing voice – but discovered the immense self-healing power of Chinese medicine.

Now with over 20 years working in Chinese medicine, Katie has seen first-hand how this ancient wisdom can help many of our most pervasive modern ailments – from poor skin and bad digestion, to adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety. Her aim is to show you that we all hold within us the power to treat ourselves better. 

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Sold outHayo'u Jade PrecisionHayo'u Jade Precision
Hayo'u Jade Precision Sale price£35.00
Sold outHayo'u Clear Quartz Beauty RestorerHayo'u Clear Quartz Beauty Restorer
Sold outHayo'u Body Oil 100mlHayo'u Body Oil 100ml
Hayo'u Body Oil 100ml Sale price£40.00
Sold outHayo'u Rose Quartz PrecisionHayo'u Rose Quartz Precision
Sold outHayo'u Beauty Oil 30ml
Hayo'u Beauty Oil 30ml Sale price£33.00
Sold outHayo'u Scented CandleHayo'u Scented Candle
Hayo'u Scented Candle Sale price£48.00
Sold outHayo'u Rose Quartz Beauty RestorerHayo'u Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer
Sold outHayo'u Bamboo Body TapperHayo'u Bamboo Body Tapper
Hayo'u Bamboo Body Tapper Sale price£28.00