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Windle London

Windle London

An extension from the brand’s award-winning salon in Covent Garden, the haircare line combines tea-infused shampoos and conditioners and performance-driven styling.
After many years of development, the finished product line tailors to the trend savvy and eco-conscious customer. 
Windle London stay true to their British heritage; all products are designed, tested and made in the UK. 

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Thickening Cream
Thickening Cream Sale price£14.75
Healthy Head Treatment Shampoo
Foundation Spray
Foundation Spray Sale price£16.50
Ultra Nourishing Shampoo
Ultra Nourishing Shampoo Sale price£24.00
Fortifying Spray
Fortifying Spray Sale price£19.00
Invisible Day & Night Cream
Invisible Day & Night Cream Sale price£24.25
Ultra Nourishing Conditioner
Shine & Smoothing Oil
Shine & Smoothing Oil Sale price£26.50
Invisible Day & Night Spray
Invisible Day & Night Spray Sale price£19.75
Purple Tea Conditioner
Purple Tea Conditioner Sale price£26.00
Purple Tea Shampoo
Purple Tea Shampoo Sale price£24.00
Sold outCurl EnhancerCurl Enhancer
Curl Enhancer Sale price£16.00
Fortifying Shampoo
Fortifying Shampoo Sale price£22.00
Sold outSculpture Hairspray
Sculpture Hairspray Sale price£23.00
Light Satin Hairspray
Light Satin Hairspray Sale price£23.00
Essential Oils Hair Elixir
Essential Oils Hair Elixir Sale price£33.00
Volcanic Ash WaxVolcanic Ash Wax
Volcanic Ash Wax Sale price£23.00
Everyday Shampoo
Everyday Shampoo Sale price£19.75
Nourishing ConditionerNourishing Conditioner
Nourishing Conditioner Sale price£22.00
Cream Sheen
Cream Sheen Sale price£19.75
Fortifying Conditioner
Fortifying Conditioner Sale price£24.25
Matte Texture Spray
Matte Texture Spray Sale price£25.25
Sold outUltra Nourishing Hair Masque
Oceanic Spray
Oceanic Spray Sale price£23.00