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Article: Getting Supplement Smart

Getting Supplement Smart


Nothing beats a wholesome, well-rounded diet when it comes to delivering nutrients, but that’s not always easy to achieve with diet alone, especially when combined with the reality of day to day and the lack of quality foods available at the standard that’s actually needed. So, we’re putting the spotlight onto our supplements. We’ve extended our supplement offering to include new brands and provide a wider choice. With that we thought it might be helpful to focus on frequently asked questions to help guide you on your supplement journey.


The first rule of supplements is to remember that by their very nature, they are designed to complement and enhance a balanced, healthy diet, not substitute, or replace. In an ideal world our diet would be the main source of vitamins and minerals to help keep us in optimal health. However, the reality is that it is genuinely hard to get the vitamins we need from our diet alone and nutritional supplements can play a key part in boosting our immune system. Here's an example; when we’re stressed we use up certain vitamins at a faster pace and our health can become more fragile. Stress can be so destructive on our bodies, impairing our digestive system which in turn will not only influence our skin and hair condition but also weaken our immune system. To be able to react in the agile manner required to give our bodies what they need is a huge task. That’s where supplements come in – they boost and enhance where necessary.


Collagen and Elastin production gradually slows as we age, from the age of 30 levels of collagen start to decrease dramatically and our ability to regenerate skin cell declines, all resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning skin. But do not fear as modern-day skincare is far more complex than ever before. For the serious skincare super users, they know that achieving and maintaining good skin requires so much more than any topical cream can offer alone. That routine needs advanced support and enhancements in the form of supplements.


Pure Elixir SMART Age 

Pure Elixir 01 works as a strong anti-oxidant, supporting from the inside out to deliver healthy more youthful skin. It supports the skin’s natural collagen production and helps to reduce inflammation. 23% reduction in lines and wrinkles at 8 weeks Significantly smoother looking and feeling skin on the face and body Significantly more even skin tone Reduced visibility of acne scarring Brighter complexion Contains:

➢ High Grade Marine Collagen Anti Oxidant, Prevent & Repair damage from Environmental Factors, Stimulate Fibroblasts and thicken the epidermis, Anti – Inflammatory

➢ Vitamin C Good vitamin absorption, potent anti- oxidant, supports healthy connective tissue and collagen production

➢ Low molecule weight Hyaluronic Acid Powerful anti-inflammatory, supports skin healing and super hydrating

➢ Soya Isoflavones Supports collagen formation and works to limit photo-ageing

➢ Tomato Extract ( Lycopene) Anti-oxidant & UV protection

➢ Vitamin E Anti-Oxidant


Dr Nigma – Beauty in a Bottle

A multi-functional beauty supplement containing a collection of vitamins and nutrients that help promote a glowing skin and collagen production, supports immune health and healthy hormones.

➢ Vitamins A, C and E Contribute to iron metabolism, and collagen formation

➢ B Vitamins, Zinc, Selenium and Copper Help to repair skin elasticity

➢ Hyaluronic Acid High level hydration



Naturally as our hair transitions through the different stages of growth, we all shed hair – it’s inevitable. However, if you notice you’re losing more hair than normal and it’s not replenishing itself than that can be devastating. There are many potential triggers for hair loss, from hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiencies and stress to mention just a few. Side note - try not to worry too much if you experience hair-loss, and also know you’re not alone. Many women of all ages experience hair loss during their life. (Please do seek professional, medical advice if you experience sudden hair-loss, bald patches or are overly concerned).


Hair Gain – Hair Gummies

Contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, botanical and aminos vital for healthy hair. Clinically effective, a result driven formula to improve hair strength at the root promoting visibility fuller, thicker hair in just one month of use.

➢ AnaGain ingredient derived from the organic pea shoot Clinically proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate fuller and thicker hair at the root

➢ Zinc and Biotin Help to maintain healthy hair growth from within



Considering your gut health is vital as it not only plays a key role in digestion ensuring we receive the right nutrients and excrete waste, but it also has the power to influence our overall well-being.


Dr. Nigma - Healthy Flora

These ‘Healthy Flora’ supplements are packed with a blend of probotics to improve digestion and overall gut health.


➢ Grape seed extract An antioxidant that revitalises your system from the inside out, helps to prevent UVB skin damage and helps to reduce premature ageing

➢ B-complex vitamins Helping you to boost energy levels and stay energised


Continuous lack of sleep can feel like torture. It brutally takes its toll on the body and mind in many ways, basically lessening our quality of life. It steals away our energy, lowers our concentration levels and hugely impacts our ability to fight off illness.

Pure Elixir Smart Sleep 

Formulated to promote a more rested, deeper sleep. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety on the body, from the inside out.

➢ 5-HTP Helps the body to produce more serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in regulating mood and sleep-wake cycles.

➢ High Grade Montmorencey Cherry Known to reduce the symptoms of Insomnia, reduce symptoms of inflammatory diseases and improve cognitive function

➢ Lemon Balm Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant that is known to help with stress reduction and soothing the nervous system

➢ Chamomile Anti-Bacterial, soothes the nervous system



We all are experiencing different levels of stress right now which can have such a detrimental impact on our health. Our immune system can be weakened, energy levels drop meaning our mood is low and alcohol intake high! B Vitamins play a key role in supporting well-being and maintaining good health. Dr Nigma – B Famous B Famous is a combination of all 8 B vitamins which form the B Complex. Working together, the B Vitamins are critical nutrients that are vital for so many of us. They work to supercharge your skin, support growth and development, cell metabolism and a great mood booster to boot. Some B vitamins are more well-known than others, but the reality is the Multi B Complex vitamins are essential for the day to day running of our bodies, supporting all things vital from processing the nutrients from our food, cognitive function and hormone balance.

Dr Nigma - B Famous

Vitamin B1 – Thiamine Great for people who drink alcohol, as alcohol consumption can result in a B1 deficiency.

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin Helps with headaches and can reduce tiredness, also plays an important role in metabolism function

Vitamin B3 – Niacin Improves good cholesterol and also helps to enhance the mood and reduce fatigue

Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic Acid Facilitates the process of converting the food we eat into energy and helps to stabilise cholesterol. When we’re under stress, our bodies use up B5 so we need to ensure we replenish levels.

Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine Great for our skin and also for detox. Ideal for those who experience PMS symptoms such as cravings and swollen breasts.

Vitamin B7 – Biotin A great vitamin to help maintain healthy hair growth and glowing skin, our bodies use Biotin to support the regeneration of skin cells. Biotin also plays a key part in supporting our nervous system.

Vitamin B9 – Folate An essential vitamin to support the process of producing red blood cells. A key vitamin to be taking when planning and during pregnancy.

Vitamin B12 – Cobalamin Low levels of B12 can play a part in memory loss, especially in older adults. As with all of the B vitamins, it plays a vital role in supporting the production of red blood cells and can help boost energy levels. It also supports bone health and can help to lift your mood.

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