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Article: Tranquillity, the ultimate Beauty Agenda secret

Tranquillity, the ultimate Beauty Agenda secret

Tranquillity, the ultimate Beauty Agenda secret

Many of us don’t make enough time for selfcare.  This behaviour can build up and take over as we unknowingly learn to adapt to our stressful lifestyle. For far too many of us, we’re already in that routine before we realise it or our body, or skin find a way to tell us.

As 2020 continues to throw curve balls, we look for ways to take positives from a year that has tested us all. At The Beauty Agenda, we’re trying to use the extra time at home to step back, and pause. To find moments to slow down and focus inwards.  Discover a few simple rituals that make us feel good, as we all know that looking good depends on feeling good!

So, whether you get your glow from an energising yoga session, meditative breathing exercises or simply soaking in the bath with a replenishing face mask – make sure you find the time, to find your balance. 


In some cultures, bathing represents a cleansing ritual, not only of the body but also the inner self and mind.  Bathing rituals can significantly influence positive well-being and good health, especially over the long term.  For example, according to ancient Ayurvedic texts, bathing can improve sleep and also boost enthusiasm (something we all need more of at the moment!).

So, while you relax in your shower or hot bath, why not use that time to slow down and focus on your breathing, think of nothing else but your breath and focus on your inner self.

 aveda - stress-fix™ soaking salts

Use the power of essential oils and soak away stress with Aveda’s Stress Fix Soaking Salts.  Mineral-rich bath salts infused with the perfect aroma for reducing feelings of stress, organic lavender.


oway - Detox Body Bath


 A detoxifying and anti-dryness shower gel, what’s not to love?!

Massage this creamy gel onto wet skin then rinse.  Thanks to the polyphenols in this organic shower gel it carries out an anti-stress action leaving the skin silky smooth and soft.

Nourishing oils for nourished souls

Organic beauty brand, Nyasa believe that everything is connected and that our everyday routines have the power to restore, refuel and recharge us.  Take a moment to think about that… Is your daily routine recharging you or draining you?

Our skin reflects our inner self, quite often it’s our skin that tells us when something’s wrong, if we’re stressed or have eaten something not suited to our body.  A nourishing oil will not only revitalise the skin but the whole process of massage, even self-massage will encourage calmness and a healthy glow.

Nature is powerful, a source of nutrition and supply of positive energy, it can deliver amazing results and the ultimate sense of serenity. Try a natural oil, gently massage 2 – 3 drops and inhale. Breathe and enjoy the source of aromatic healing.



Boost elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines with this revitalising skin treat that will help nourish your skin and your soul with its heavenly aroma.

Be careful, the phenomenal aroma and soothing experience can become addictive!

Recipe for a healthy immune system

Eat mindfully – what does that mean?  Enjoy the flavours and chew, slowly.

World renowned naturopathic doctor, Dr Nigma is a leading authority when it comes to holistic health and skin.  Eating the right foods can help us build a complete defence against ‘digest-ageing’.  According to Nigma, your body is like a fine-tuned machine and it will tell you if you’re eating something that doesn’t agree with you, if you just listen. 

The launch of her new Vitamin C Cocktail is nothing short of timely.  As we all so rightly know a healthy, strong immune system is key, now more than ever.  Vitamin C supports a healthy immune function and provides defence against free-radical, oxidative stress and promotes a healthy nervous system.



The perfect cocktail that packs a powerful combination of vital nutrients recommended by Dr. Nigma to support optimal health and vitality.

Enjoy one serving daily with food.  For best results, mix one sachet into 350-450ml of cool water, shake /stir and drink immediately.

For more ideas on selfcare, visit our website or follow our social channels.  If you have any selfcare tips or favourite Beauty Agenda products that help you relax and feel good, please do share with our Beauty Agenda community, post your tip and tag us - let’s support each other through this stressful time.

Mrs G

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