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Article: Got That Gut Feeling?

Got That Gut Feeling?


After a year that’s been like no other (farewell 2020), followed by Christmas cocktails and New Year bubbles, now is the perfect time to opt for healthier choices.  At The Beauty Agenda, we want to start the year focussing on being present and mindful. Looking within to acknowledge the importance of our wellness and a good place to start after all our over-indulging is the wellness of our gut health.

An unhealthy gut can impact us in many ways from our skin to our energy levels, right through to our emotions and mental wellness. So, if an unhealthy gut has so many negatives, imagine how turning that around could positively influence us?  Obviously there’s lots to it with heaps of science behind the theory, but incorporating gut health into your self-care routine doesn’t have to be an enormous challenge with huge changes. There’s lots of easy ways to make small changes, leading to positive transformation. As you start to feel and see the benefits, that in itself helps to encourage you to keep going and embrace the approach.

Learning to eat intuitively and acknowledging your relationship with different foods is a good place to start your gut health journey. Take note of how foods make you feel, how it affects your energy levels, and your skin, both good and bad. Becoming conscious of the food you choose will really help you to start to make improved choices and find balance.

Another easy change is incorporating beauty supplements. Those of you that follow the beauty industry closely will have seen an increasing number of beauty supplements entering the market, as ingesting supplements is the new beauty ‘secret’ to become the latest trend. Someone who has been encouraging beauty from within for years, is world renown naturopathic doctor and author of Reverse the Signs of Ageing, Dr. Nigma Talib.

Nigma has been working closely with patients (including many high-profile celebrities) for years helping them to achieve powerful results with her inside-out approach to beauty, starting with the gut. Linking premature ageing to the gut is certainly not a recent finding but one that is increasingly becoming more and more popular.   

Want to know where to start to help improve your gut health? Look out for Dr Nigma’s book – Reverse the Sign of Ageing.

The Beauty Agenda Product Tip for Gut Health

Dr. Nigma’s Immortal Skin Collagen Powder


A vitamin rich supplement with 23 powerful ingredients that support slowing down the signs of ageing. Including:

Marine Collagen             

Rebuilds tissue, boost elasticity and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Supports a healthy digestion and strengthens immune system


Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin

Vitamin B6

Helps to regulate hormonal activity


Contributes to the normal function of the immune system

Immortal Skin Collagen Powder is easy to use, just add three teaspoons to water, coconut water, almond milk, juice or a smoothie, once a day.

New year is the customary time to think about goals for the year ahead and target ourselves with positive changes. That can mean so many different things for us all, but one thing we can agree on is that things don’t always go to plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself, even Dr Nigma acknowledges the 80 / 20 rule, so if it’s good enough for Nigma, it is for us too. Whatever your resolution is and regardless of whether you’ve made any - we wish you well and send you positive vibes for 2021.

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