Why It's Important To Consider Your Post Gym Body Wash

Why It's Important To Consider Your Post Gym Body Wash

Most us spend time (and money) researching the products we use in our skincare routine for our face. But do we really think about the products we use on our body?
Especially the products used after a trip to the gym.

You may think any body wash will do but have you considered the importance of using a body wash specifically designed for post workout skin? 

Lets be honest, gyms can be a breeding ground for bacteria, coupled with tight, sweaty gym clothes (any avid gym goers experienced bacne?) can lead to acne causing bacteria. Not the desired outcome when we're chasing those endorphins!
With this in mind an anti-bacterial body wash is just what's missing from your gym bag. 

Bast products are designed with the Athlete (or, you know, gym attendee) in mind. Formulated with natural ingredients, including Sage essential oil which lends its anti-bacterial properties to this body wash. It also gently cleanses, helping to prevent dehydrated skin, an important factor when frequently showering. 
The refreshing and uplifting Green Fig scent leaves you feeling relaxed and looking forward to your next post gym shower.
Link below to discover the body wash and more from Bast.

 Bast Body Wash

Are there any other products you feel are missing from your gym bag? 

Written by: Chloe S

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