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Article: Take Five For Self Care

Take Five For Self Care

Take Five For Self Care

Take Five

In these strange, uncertain times we’re all trying to adapt and find different ways to cope with the current “new normal”. 

At The Beauty Agenda, we’re still working and trying our best to ensure your products reach you, things may take a little longer than normal, and some stocks are low.  But we’re finding new ways to work while following government guidelines to protect our team and keep them safe, all while teaching our little ones at home.

We aim to remain positive as much as we can, which is not always easy but trying as much as possible to use this time to focus on slowing down and self-care.

Below are five simple tips, from us to you in the hope that they help you through. 


Breathing Exercises

Being cooped up in the same four walls day after day soon brings on frustrations and claustrophobic cabin fever.  When we’re stressed or feeling anxious, our breathing pattern changes, we become uptight and tense and are more likely to hold on to negativity.

Open the windows, slow down and take a moment to listen to the world and breathe…

Breathing exercises can relief stress, help to release toxins and can boost emotional well-being. 


And Stretch

For the gym bunnies among you, not being able to get to the gym will most certainly be driving you crazy.  For the rest of us, the lack of movement will no doubt be taking its toll too.  Whatever your fitness levels, taking the time to stretch is of benefit to us all.  Stretching not only helps to increase flexibility but is also a great stress relief and can help to calm the mind – which we can all do with doing right now!


Stay Connected

Not being able to see our friends and family in person is so hard!  Thank goodness for technology, that’s all we can say!  There are so many options to make it easier to keep in touch, make the most of them as that feeling of togetherness is vital.  Make the effort to use whatever your video call software preference is – just remember that touching base with people will help to make them and you feel better.  Why not put on a facemask and have an on-line Zoom spa with your besties.  Do what you can to keep talking and smiling.


Not So Sleeping Beauty

For many, lockdown is causing havoc with sleep routines. In the absence of our normal structured daily practices it’s so easy to fall into the habit of staying up later or for those on furlough, perhaps a long lie in.  Changes to our sleep pattern really can have a negative, knock-on effect.  Where you can try to keep to your normal routine times of going to bed and getting up.  However, if like many of us your sleep is being interrupted by worry or anxious thoughts – perhaps try limiting your screen time, especially before going to bed.  All the bad news can easily play on your mind and cause additional concern. 


Be kind, to yourself

Let’s be honest, this is not an easy time for any of us and a global pandemic is not something we’re experienced in.  So, remember it’s okay to not feel okay, it’s okay to not win awards for best home schoolteacher of the year.  We didn’t sign up to this, we’re all learning to adapt and taking each day as it comes.

Be kind to yourself and stay safe.

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