The Beauty Agenda

The Beauty Agenda Mystery Beauty Box (Worth £180-£200)


Introducing…The Beauty Agenda Mystery Beauty Box!

What is the Mystery Beauty Box?
Our Mystery Beauty Box contains a hand-picked selection of beauty products from premium brands. Worth between £180-£200, yours for only £65!

What will my Mystery Beauty Box Contain?

Whilst most of the contents of the box will remain a secret until you receive it, we can let you in on a little secret. Each box will contain a full-size Cleanser no1 worth £54 from Nigma Talib, ND and a full-size R+Co Cool wind worth £26.50.

The remaining items will be hand-picked from an assortment of hair, skin, makeup, body and wellness products. Something for every kind of beauty lover.

*PLEASE NOTE: The products shown are an example of a mystery box. The contents of each box will be unique apart from R+Co Cool Wind and Nigma Talib,ND Cleanser No1 which will be included in each box. Example for illustrative purposes only.

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