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Ivory Shea Butter (120ml)

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 Liha’s Ivory Shea Butter is made from one ingredient, Shea Butter. This ethically sourced, multi-purpose moisturiser can be used for face and body and is suitable for all skin types.

Liha source their Ivory Shea Butter from Ghana. Ghanaian Shea butter is the ultimate African beauty secret. This wonder ingredient has been used for centuries by women. Shea Butter is naturally rich in vitamins A and E which promotes cell regeneration and protects the skin. Traditionally, women in Africa have used Shea Butter as a “cure-all” balm, from moisturising dry skin, to using on scars and stretch marks.

Ivory Shea Butter has a light crumbly texture and is slightly lighter in colour than Liha’s Gold Shea Butter. The natural fragrance is vanilla honey-like and nutty.

  • Raw and Vegan
  • Free from SLS, parabens and fragrance.              

How To Use

Remember, you only need a small amount of product. Allow the product to melt between your hands and apply everywhere.

Face – Use as a moisturiser for particularly dry patches, a quick 10-15 minute face mask or as a DIY overnight face mask depending on your skin type.

Body- Use as an all over body butter. Smooth all over your body and allow to absorb. Soothe and nourish dry areas of the body such as hands, feet and elbows.

Please note:

Psoriasis suffers are advised to patch test before use as Shea butter encourages the regeneration of skin cells. People with psoriasis have an increased production of skin cells resulting in the build-up which is what is associated with psoriasis.

Shea butter contains natural-latex, although reactions to Shea butter are quite rare please be aware of possible allergic reaction.


Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea Butter)

Ivory Shea Butter (120ml)
Ivory Shea Butter (120ml) Sale price£17.60 Regular price£22.00