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Article: Hand Care Heroes

Hand Care Heroes

Hand Care Heroes

Increased handing washing taking its toll on your hands? Thought so, us too.

We’ve seen an increase in hand creams being added to your online baskets and also had quite a few of you getting in touch wanting to know:

‘What’s the best hand cream for dry hands?’ 

So, we thought we’d share a list of our top selling hand treatments.

Healthcare experts are constantly reminding us about the importance of keeping our hands clean and that washing them regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds is imperative to help prevent the spread of viruses.  With all the repeated hand washing or applying harsh, alcohol based, anti-bacterial hand gel (if you can get it), it’s inevitable that our hands will feel dry and, in some cases, sore.

Keeping safe is a priority, so don’t stop.  Perhaps just try one of our favourite hand creams below to replenish moisture and soothe your dry hands.


Aveda Hand Relief Moisturising Hand Cream

A hand cream classic.  This rich, intense hand cream with delicately scented Aveda plant aromas, leaves hands feeling noticeably soft and supple.

Natural Hand Cream Aveda Hand Relief

Aveda Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum

Restorative serum that visibly improves the texture and tone of your hands while you sleep. An intensive treatment that replenishes moisturise and plumps the skin on your hands to smooth fine lines.

Intensely Hydrating Natural Hand Treatment


Skimono Intense Nourishment Hand Mask

For intense nourishment and an absolute spa-like treat, try this restorative hand glove mask.  A rich moisture boost that deeply hydrates and leaves skin feeling beautifully supple, and nails and cuticles softened. 

Glove Style Hand Mask


Laouta Repair Balm

If your hands are feeling delicate or sore.  Laouta’s soothing Repair Balm is the rescue product for you.  It’s made up of a rich potent blend of natural ingredients, including olive oil that gently heal and protect dry skin that’s prone to cracking.

Plastic Free Natural Repair Balm for Face, Body and Lips

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