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A toning and firming body concentrate which is based on organic green coffee.



This booster performs an anti-slackening and firming action on your skin. It fights the loss of skin tone, protects the skin and preserving its youthfulness.

As a result the skin feels hydrated, supple, soft, compact and vital.


Add 5-6 drops for each walnut-sized amount and massage until completely absorbed.


The oily extract of  ORGANIC GREEN COFFEE is exceptional for a supple and compact skin. It's  an ultra-effective active ingredient in firming the skin, this has a targeted and positive effect on skin tone and firmness, giving new flexibility and responsiveness to relaxed skin.

This booster has a multi-level action on the skin:

  • it creates an increase of 7 times of skins Aquaporin, creating an immediately more hydrated skin
  • it's high content of Omega 6, creates a firming and reepithelialising effect
  • It re-consolidation of the extracellular matrix
  • increase of  the creation of new tissue
  • skin anti-aging protection.

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