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Replumping and restorative face concentrate based on bioretinol


A replumping and restorative intense concentrate for the face with a rejuvinating effect. It restores density to the skin from the inside, leaving it firm, as well as reducing the signs of age to give a smooth and relaxed appearance.

Lightens the complexion, fighting the skin blotches. The area around the face appears more defined, resculpted, rejuvenated.



USED ALONE: apply 3-4 drops on face and neck and massage until completely absorbed.
COMBINED USE: add 3-4 drops to a walnut sized amount of  RADIANCE FACE BALM and massage on face and neck until completely absorbed.


SUPER ACTIVE: Bioretinol is  a revolutionary vegetable-based complex which has a restorative effect, without the unpleasant side effects of prolonged retinol synthesis.

Inspired by the aesthetic techniques of skin replenishing, Bioretinol carries out a wrinkles filling action, naturally stimulating the collagen synthesis.


  • Skin seems rejuvenated, supple again.
  • Skin blotches are lightened.
  • Complexion acquires new radiance.
  • Skin is protected by a deep antioxidant action.Based on Bidens Pilosa extract and Cotton and Linen oils.

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