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An illuminating and smoothing face cream with biodynamic walnut, organic chia, ethically-produced Pataua’ and Cistus Incanus.



This has a velvety and generous consistency that blends with the skin, giving subtle citrus notes. It nourishes the skin making it luminous and smooth.

There is a protective antioxidant action, that helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

There is also a progressive lipid-replenishing effect that improves the skin’s ovearall appearance.


Use every morning and evening, apply RADIANCE FACE BALM on clean, dry face and neck. For enhanced targeted action, use in combination with REPLUMPING BOOSTER and/or  REGENERATING BOOSTER.


This formula draws inspiration from Cistus  Incanus, also known as PLANT OF BEAUTY for its extraordinary wealth of natural anti-oxidants, which makes the plant with the highest content of polyphenols in Europe.

Thanks to the high anti-oxidant defences, the plant of beauty preserves the freshness and youthful of the skin.

The cream combines the action of the Plant of beauty to an essential amino acid, L-Glutamine. An authentic fuel for the cells for a compact and elastic skin.



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