Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream


Our amazing cleansing and skin renewal face cream contains biodynamic walnut, organic chia, ethically-produced pataua and Cistus Incanus.


This is a rich and soft purifying cream that improves the skin comfort, leaving it soft, purified and silky.

It is very effective at removing makeup, toxins and impurities from the skin with a deep yet gentle action.  Regular use contains aAntioxidant protection and anti-free radicals.

Ideal for skins from normal to dry.


Use every morning and evening, gently apply it on face and neck. Then remove with water and apply DE-STRESS TONIC POTION.


Our cream draws inspiration from Cistus Incanus, also known as PLANT OF BEAUTY because of its extraordinary wealth of natural anti-oxidants, which make  it the plant with
the highest content of polyphenols in Europe.

Thanks to the high anti-oxidant defences, the Cistus Incanus can help to preserve the freshness and youthful of the skin.

The cream combines this with an essential amino acid called L-Glutamine which is a highly beneficial forthe cells for a compact and elastic skin.

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