Miracle Eye Complex


Tightening and redensifying balm serum for the area around the eyes. Nickel Tested / Dermatologically Tested.



  • Gives freshness to your look
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production for a redensifying and anti-aging effect
  • Illuminates the area around the eyes
  • Helps fighting bags, dark circles and redness


Morning and evening, apply a small quantity of product to the previously cleansed area around the eyes, patting gently until fully absorbed.


Biodynamic Nut – Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and tannins, it performs an anti-age, antiblemish and anti redness action.

 Organic Chia – Rich in Omega-3 and essential fatty acids (82%), it contrasts skin dryness and stimulates lipid barrier rebuilding.

Ethically produced Patauà – Rich in Omega-9 and palmitic acid, it provides a deep nourishment and favours the formation of a lipophilic protective layer on the skin, which helps to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

Anti-fatigue concentrate – increase of the skin’s natural defences. Deep hydration, where the skin is by nature particularly thin and delicate; protective and emollient effect; stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis for anti-aging tensor and redensifying effect; lipolytic action to reduce swelling and act against localised congestion that cause dark circles and bags, thus stimulating microcirculation. The end result is astonishing: your skin will be toned and rested and your gaze will be fresher and brighter.


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